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Spud was a middle-aged domestic short hair. He stayed indoors, but liked watching birds, catching bugs, and being brushed. In February 2007, his kidneys failed, and now just his picture remains.

In 2005, he was joined by Ziti, a young'un who likes to wrestle at 6 in the morning and play in the bathtub.

Their owner is a rather rational 34 (eek! now 36) year old academic, who likes pop culture a bit too much (especially tv, recently), pays attention to politics not as much as she ought (mostly because it often ends up making her angry), plays clarinet, and often gets bogged down in tasks around the house and garden. And she knits an awful lot. And cooks. And probably has too many interests for an academic. And she just moved to Canada. Well, that was a year ago, now. And she spent the first half of 2007 in Russia, and posted lots of pictures, should that float your boat.


knitting (at the moment, WAY TOO MUCH), reading (current and perpetual favorites: Harry Potter, Dorothy Dunnett [though not so much the Niccolo books], Amelia Peabody, Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte [but not Emily], the Anne books), TV (Pushing Daisies, The Office, The Wire), gardening, movies of many genres, whatever shows up on my iPod, and many random other things that capture my fancy here and there