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October 24, 2005



The sportscaster's name is Jeanne Zelasko. I have absolutely nothing against female sportcasters as a concept; but she, in particular, is a crime against nature. I've forgotten the details, but during the all-star game she did something absolutely insulting to a legendary baseball figure. I think he commentary is inane, her style offputting.


Heh. Thanks for the info. Yeah, there was just something really off about her in the brief bits I saw. She had the sportscaster voice down, but... something was odd.

However, I'm currently much more annoyed by the announcer who, during the last minutes of the fourth game, mused about how much a Sox victory would mean to the south side and its Polish, Italian, and Irish neighborhoods. And I think another European ethnic group, too.

I think I get what he was trying to say, in refuting the "southside = ghetto" idea, but by ignoring the vast minority populations, I thought he was ridiculously insular. Or something.



Well, I understand what you're saying; but keep in mind that the minority population of the South side has largely abandoned baseball in the last 20 years, in favor of basketball. (MJ's fault, perhaps?) In the 1970s, a young man growing up in the Robert Taylor Homes might grow up to be a Hall of Fame baseball player (Kirby Puckett). Today, that's not likely to happen -- baseball has become increasingly irrelevant in the black community, to the extent that less than 10% of current major leaguers are African-American. So, I think a case could be made for de-emphasizing the extent to which the White Sox victory would be meaningful in Bronzeville, Woodlawn, Englewood, etc.


Yeah, I know. But what about, say, Pilsen? Didn't they even make a biggish deal about Latino players in this World Series?

That is interesting, though, that baseball has so lost interest in the African American community. Hmmm.

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