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October 25, 2005



Aye aye, it will! That's a lovely story. I really want to see a shawl go through a ring someday.

I started a Faux Russian Stole (why it is so-called have no idea) from the Gathering of Lace book, this time for myself. If you click on my name below this post it will hopefully take you to a picture of the pattern. For hte first time I'm radically altering the pattern. Making it much wider and larger than it is, and moving around hte motifs a bit.


Hmmm. OK, because your circle shawl was lovely, and this looks interesting, I decided I had to order that book. From the tiny wee bit I can see in the picture, the pattern doesn't look Russian... not that I'm exactly an expert, but still. If the lace pattern has any purling, it's not Russian.

I have dreams of designing my own Orenburg shawl at some point, but I figured I'd stick with a pattern to start, to get a handle on how the stitches really come out. Maybe next time I go to Russia I can buy some actual gossamer threads...


If you image-google "faux russian stole", some lovely ones pop up, that show off the pattern much better than the actual photo in the book. And there's no purling, all garter stitch, YOs and decreases. I wonder if the Faux is because it's a stole and not a square.

That GOL book is addictive. I also cast on for another shawl in it called "Shaped Triangle" in Jaggerspun Merino black, but it's going to have to wait for this one to be finished. Also, another one called "frost flowers" which seems really tough.


Cool. In the Orenburg shawl pattern books I have, there are patterns for rectangular shawls called palatines (!?) that are pretty, too. So... who knows.


"The Great Game" by Peter Hopkirk is another fun book about the European exploration of Central Asia. As I recall, he talks about Burnaby and his adventures.

For some reason I find that part of the world endlessly fascinating...


Do you still have interest in living in a yurt?

Or learning to throat sing?

That latter's totally cool. Ooh, and now I'm going to see if I can remember the name of the documentary about Tuvan throat singers and put it on my netflix list. Yeehaw.

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