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April 08, 2006



yowza! that one went fast. i totally get what you mean about the different highlights, and since i've never done the same colourwork on two things (well, a pair of mittens, but long ago) this never occurred to me. in any case, i hold and drop each yarn in my right hand, so this applies to both-handers more, i guess. the socks look great, though. who is taking the photos, though? spud or ziti? and am laughing about hte butt-flap..... how much frogging is taking place, no? I think we're just becoming better knitters.


That's exactly what it means! Er, probably. Well, it does mean we learn from our mistakes, and also that we try new things and techniques.

I think the two handed thing becomes a particularly big deal because it forces you to always twist the yarns in the same way, while if you're doing both in the right hand you can chose more easily.

Or something.

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