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November 05, 2006



I find Barbara Pym books compulsively readable, too. They always make me head to the kitchen for a cup of tea. In her case the dry look on like-- the fact that there is rarely a real happy ending, and often people's lives don't change-- adds to the appeal. I'm not sure how she gets away with that. You'd think I'd quit reading because there's so little emotional payoff. But in fact I find myself rooting for no happy ending and no real change.


Hey, you've been busy! I like the idea of a vest for the grey Aussie thingie. With the interest at the waist (which is fine, trust me!) and the cables, which I really like, you might even go for a slightly slow round neck; wear it with a white shirt and black pants to class! Or you could also (as I've been planning to do for ages but never got round to it) knit it with an open collar with i-cord and then knit a cabled hood. Again, wear to class!

The Shetland sampler is gorgeous; there are also some lovely samples on the web in different colours; go for it!


As you'll shortly see, that's pretty much what I did. Pictures to come.

And Danielle, I don't know that I exactly root for it, but I am nonetheless drawn to her endings. Everything comes crashing--well, genteely crashing--in, and it's fabulous.

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