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July 22, 2007



I have to read it again many times to get exactly what you did, but the end product is really gorgeous! I am totally going to attempt this cardigan when I get back. Wonderful, I love the single button also.

Actually, Ziti's poses in all three pictures are hilarious. he couldn't care less about the sweater in the first one, his interest is piqued in the second one, and he's given up on it in the third!


Thanks dk! I'm not sure the explanation really makes sense, but if you do end up trying it, I'll do what I can to be more specific/clearer.

And, a big load of thanks should go to you for sending me the stitch pattern!

Grad School Knitter

That is so beautiful... if you ever write down the pattern in more detail I would love to know... as is I may spend a few hours one day trying to figure it out.


Hmmm... maybe I will try to write it out as text. I think it'll just be a one size pattern, though, since the thought of trying to figure out different measurements scares the crap out of me.

z's momma

I love your sweater. I've been trying to find a pattern for some fingering weight yarn I have and this is it!


It is simply fabulous.
If you ever do get down to writing a pattern, I would totally love a copy.


that cardi is stunning! I think I may have to try and make myself one! Clever you! I am knitting some socks using that stitch right now...


that is one beautiful sweater! i might try to knit it someday.

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