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February 21, 2008



You are so cool.
We (the entire CO clan) are planning a trip to your hometown in June. Maybe you could come for a visit when we are there. I wrote to your Mom about our plans. We are going to take the train - crazy adventure!
Have a great rest of your trip.

Oncle Jean

"an interesting trip"? - sounds like an understatement! Can't wait to see the pictures!

Could you talk to your new friend Matti about improving the $ to € exchange rate?


She's very nice! (this of course assumes the PM hasn't changed since oh...last year? two years ago? which I'm pretty sure it hasn't) She visited my University and actually took time out of her schedule to meet every student who was studying Finnish. And to take photographs with them.


Elizabeth, my guess is that you weren't talking to the PM, you were talking to Conan O'Brien. ;-)

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