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August 11, 2008



Okay, every time you show videos of your cat I am sure I say the same thing.
I want your cat...He is sooo sweet!~


LOL to what Dawn said :)

He's just telling you about his day and that he's been lonely and wants some adult conversation and Woman what are you waiting for to pet me???

Cheers Eva


Since this is presumably your first time watching the Olympics on CBC instead of NBC, I'm interested in your thoughts on the difference in coverage styles between the two networks. I've been watching portions of both, and the "jingoism gap" that has always bothered me has narrowed -- NBC has lessened its level (yay) while CBC has raised its (boo). The big difference has been CBC's willingness to provide live coverage of events that are held at night in Beijing -- as I type this I'm about to watch the 100m finals live on CBC whereas NBC is going to tape-delay it.

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