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January 06, 2009



I had a similar episode of running out of yarn towards the end of last year ... and Ravelry saved my project (though the yarn I found is of a different dyelot). I personally would lean toward option#3 (and that was what I did) ... and if that doesn't work, option #4 was my plan. But mine was a plain stocking stitch project, so distinctly different colours would work better.
Wish you good luck on the project ... I really do because it is so gorgeous!


I definitely think you should go with #3. Consider doing this instead of simple row alteration - at the top of the sleeves and the back, do 3 or 4 rows of original yarn for every 2 rows of new yarn, then slowly increase the percentage of new yarn to old yarn, until you have more rows of new yarn than old yarn at the bottom. That way the sleeves and bottom will look similar.


I just saw this - it's a toss up between 2 and 3. I am surprised at how much I enjoy wearing the short-sleeved sweater, so that's something to think about. But if you do want long sleeves, then no 3 is a great idea.

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